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FMAA Certification Requirements

Manufacturers of flags are eligible to use the FMAA Certification Seal under the following circumstances:

  1. The flag manufacturer is a member of good standing in the FMAA, and if in question, good standing will be determined by the FMAA Board of Directors
  2. The participant produced the flags to be certified entirely in the United States
  3. "Produced" will mean that, to the best knowledge of the participant, all of the following steps take place in the United States:

    - The yarn was woven into fabric
    - The fabric was dyed, printed or bleached
    - The fabric was cut, assembled, sewn, finished and packaged
    - All processes were completed in United States facilities

  4. Flags meet all current United States Customs and FTC labeling requirements.
  5. Flag manufacturers will require suppliers to supply country of origin certificates for the raw materials they supply, and will maintain a file of these certificates.
  6. All certified flags must carry the official FMAA certification seal.
  7. A challenge to these claims can be made by any manufacturing member anonymously through FMAA on first challenge, all subsequent challenges must identify the challenging member.
  8. Admitted or proven deviation from these standards will require removal of any inaccurate or misleading labeling or packaging from the products for the manufacturer to remain a member.
  9. Refusal to remove labeling will result in expulsion and forfeiture of dues.
  10. Only FMAA member paricipants can use the certification seal.
  11. All participants commit to adhering to, supporting, promoting and investing in the use and proliferation of the FMAA seal to the extent they are capable.
  12. Seal wording to read exactly as follows:
    Flag 100% Made in the U.S.A.
    Flag Manufacturers Association of America
    <<FMAA Member Company Name>>
    Wayne, PA 19087

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