FMAA Certification

How would you feel if the American flag you so proudly display was made in another country? Kind of defeats the purpose of being a true symbol of patriotism, doesn't it? The Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA) established the “Certified Made in the U.S.A. ” certification program to ensure the American flags are homegrown with pride.

“Certified Made in the U.S.A. ” certifies that your flag has been made in the U.S. of materials that are domestic in origin and that all processes in every step of its manufacture were completed in U.S. facilities with U.S. labor.

U.S. law requires every flag be labeled with its country of origin. Only the FMAA “Certified Made in the U.S.A. ” Certification seal assures the standards and continued compliance as monitored by a professional association and its domestic members.

Manufacturing and related industry partners that specialize in providing quality American made flags and flag products have shown overwhelming support for the new program. In fact, there are four leading flag manufacturers that already support “Certified Made in the U.S.A.” through FMAA:

Annin Flagmakers
Flag Zone
J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. / The Flag Source
Valley Forge Flag

“Certified Made in the U.S.A. ” places FMAA certified members in an exclusive group of companies within the industry and across the country,” expressed Sandy Van Lieu, FMAA Chairman. “In reality, our Flag has always been there for all of us and this campaign is a way for us to give back and establishes a foundation we can build on.”

What you can do…
Always demand the FMAA “Certified Made in the U.S.A. ” Certification on every flag you buy. The manufacturer and related industry members of the FMAA encourage you to share this information with family, friends, business associates and government entities you are involved with.

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